Product portfolio

Household appliances

The direction «Household appliances» has been the locomotive of our activity since 2002. Representing the trademarks of our partners on official rights, we contribute to the development of the home appliance market in our region. Today TG «MegaTrade


«Kitchenware» is also one of the first directions of our activity. The assortment of our company includes stainless, aluminum and enamelware. We work with producers on mutually beneficial terms, which allows us to support long-term cooperation, as well as the constant presence and development of trade marks for kitchen utensils in our region: KINGHoff, Klausebrg, Kalitva, Skovo, Demidovskiy Plant, LZEP, Stalemal, Enamel, Amet thermoses, frying pans «Gornitsa».


We are the official distributor of the world's biggest brands of tableware like Luminarc (France), Pasabahce (Turkey), Bohemia (Czech Republic), Borcam (Turkey), and low-cost high- quality tableware like Coral (Russia). The wide product range includes a variety of dishes for the table, it’s from classic shapes and colors to design crockery in rich or pastel tones, both with pictures and without. Turkish glass characterized by its durability and long eternity. The high sales result of our customers is a clear reflection of the confidence of ultimate consumers.

Water filters

Trade group MegaTrade has been successfully working in the water treatment market for more than 10 years. Our company carries out wholesale supplies of water filters, replacement elements and accessories. We represent a full range of products (from simple filter-jugs to filter systems for cottages and industrial water treatment complexes) of the leading manufacturing companies. The variety of the presented filtration systems allows to solve any water treatment tasks. We are exclusive representatives of market leaders: trade marks «Geiser», «Aquafor» and «Barrier».

Сonditioning equipment

Since 2015, our company represents in our region the company «Termex» - the manufacturer of water heaters «GARANTERM» and «THERMEX». Despite the fact that this is a new direction in our activity, we are already making successful steps to promote these brands, thanks to our unchanging principles of work:
- constant search for retail outlets in the Heat Engineering segment and individual work with them;
- implementation of the price control policy;
- provision of an official post- warranty service.

Cooling equipment

Cooling equipment in our product portfolio appeared also in 2015. We present in this region of the Russian refrigeration brands - «Pozis» and «Renova». For the trade group «MEGATRADE» the market of refrigerators is new, but that doesn't prevent us to master it and to generate an appropriate product range that allows to fully satisfy the needs of end users, with which our clients operate.

Electric tools

Our company represent with exclusive rights trade marks «Yamato» (Japan), WBR (Austria), Vektor (Russia) and Stairs (Russia) to meet the demand in the segment of professional, semi-professional and domestic tools. Conventionally, the direction of the «Tools» can be divided into groups: power tools, garden tools, construction equipment and gasoline. High quality, reasonable price and meet a wide range of goods of the most demanding customers, so in the list of our clients are the largest companies, stores and building bases, as well as private entrepreneurs.

Pumping equipment

Trademarks «WBR» (Austria) and «Vector» (Russia) has a wide range of water pumps and accessories. Pump construction comprise solutions, ideas and properties of the best producers, adapted to the conditions of use in our climate, are used with maximum efficiency in a certain range of problems. All offered products of high quality and meet the needs of modern systems of independent water supply. The deep, superficial, vibration, circulation, drainage and other pumps are under warranty and quality service.